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17 New Ways to Cover Your Books

02/01/2016 12:37:55

Whether you’re going to back to school and want to make those ragged old textbooks a little prettier, or are considering recovering all the books in your bookcase for a cool piece of home decor, making new book covers is a fun way to personalize those pages. We’ve got a little bit of everything here, from duct tape to crocheted covers — but, don’t worry, we also have the classic brown paper bag like you’ve never seen it before. So don’t spend another second looking at a naked book. Get some inspiration from these pretty projects and start wrapping!



1. Crochet Notebook Sweater: This little guy is already bundled up for cold weather! Make this soft and snuggly notebook cover and show your books some love! You can even tuck little things like notes and pens into the heart pocket — #aw. (via Little Things Blogged)



2. Free Printable Vintage Notebook: This tutorial includes a free printable download of those adorable vintage covers. We think these would be adorable gifts for teachers if you wrapped up a set with some ribbon. (via Design is Yay)



3. Geometric Textbook Covers: This roundup wouldn’t be complete without the classic brown paper bag cover! Only this time it looks all grown up with white geometric patterns. Add a printed or handwritten label on the side of the book so you can remember which one to take to class. (via Black and White Obsession)



4. Duct Taped Mini Composition Book: Have you noticed all the really cool colors and patterns tape comes in now? You def have if you’re following along with us ;) No more plain silver, this tape comes in some very trendy patterns and these little notebooks take full advantage! Just use it like wallpaper to wrap the front and back cover for a bright and tear-proof notebook. (via Personally Andrea)



5. Patterned Tape Book Covers: Instead of going with brown, we decided to cover our books with white paper and decorate with colorful tape. Pick some sticky stuff that fits into your color palette and then make a stack of these super pretty books as coffee table decor. (via Brit + Co)



6. Brown Paper Classics: You know all those hardback covers that you can get for a few cents at the library or secondhand book store? They usually have pretty old and tired looking covers, so outfit them with handwritten titles on the spine for an elegant way to highlight your library. (via Design Sponge)



7. Pastel Spines: If you’re considering giving your bookshelves a makeover, then try just wrapping the spines in paper! You can still see the book covers if you want to find something, but everything will look slick and polished on the outside. Plus, it probably won’t take you as long as covering the whole book, which is a bonus when you’re wrapping lots. (via Pine to The Pacific)



8. Paperback to Hardback: Do you or your kids have some beloved old paperbacks that are starting to look a little tattered? Don’t throw them out just yet — it’s actually really easy to give them a second chance at life with these DIY hard covers. (via Apartment Therapy)



9. Ombre Linen Cover: These dollar store notebooks were wrapped in pieces of an old scarf for a really pretty fabric cover that makes them look much more expensive. Recovered notebooks are a cute gift idea that’s super easy and perfect for personalizing. (via Alyssa and Carla)



10. Polka Dot School Book Covers: Here is another free printable to make your book covering even easier! Their hand painted covers come in four colors — pink, orange, blue and black — so you can keep track of which class notes are in which notebook. (via A Little Birdy)



11. Golden Planner Cover: If you’re the one taking everyone back to school, you’re going to want a planner to keep schedules straight. We love this gold polka dot planner. (via Homey, Oh My)



12. Hardcover Notebook: We don’t know about you, but we’ve never met a cute notebook we didn’t like. If you have more fun in the paper store than trying on shoes, you’ll love this easy tutorial on how to make your own. The nice thing about making your own book is that you can choose the paper you’re putting inside, whether you need plain, lined or graph. (via Damask Love)



13. Colorful Dot Notebook: All you need to make this cheery little guy is a paper notebook, some washi tape and a paper punch. We love the different tapes used to make the circular patterns. (via Moments to Live For)



14. Embroidered Fabric Cover: Instead of buying expensive journals all the time, make this removable fabric cover and use it on all your notebooks or planners! (viaCaught on a Whim)



15. Iris Folded Cover: Give those brown paper covers a crazy psychedelic makeover with this twister of a DIY. This tutorial includes a free downloadable folding pattern which makes it simple to get all those colors going in the right direction. (via Suzy’s Sitcom)



16. Decoupaged Paper Notebook: Ever wondered what you could do with that gorgeous paper at Paper Source to make it worth the splurge? Make a cute notebook out of it! You could make a constant stream of seasonally wrapped notebooks and still probably save more money than buying those fancy stationery ones. (via The Sassy Life)



17. Embroidered Paper Journal: If the minimalist in you kind of loves the paper cover look, then all you need to do to add some personalization is run a bit of washi tape down the spine and embroider a cool geometric pattern on the cover. All your friends will think you spent a ton of money, but, of course, you didn’t. (viaThe Plumed Nest)

source: brit+co


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