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70% off tech on Black Friday 2018

01/11/2018 08:58:44

Up to 70% off on tech products from big retailers on Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is set to fall on 23 November this year, and is the biggest shopping day of the year in many countries around the world.

Local online and brick-and-mortar retailers are planning their biggest sales ever, with many shops promising significant discounts on big brands.

MyBroadband contacted the largest retailers in the country to ask what they are planning for Black Friday this year, with Checkers, Pick n Pay, and others set to go all out this year.

Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay said it is preparing for its biggest Black Friday ever this year.

“We are working very hard to make sure our customers get the best deals on the biggest day of the year,” Pick n Pay said about its plans.

“We have also made special arrangements to get more stock than ever before.”

Pick n Pay said it will offer more deals and savings than last year, across a variety of categories, and it will offer the deals both in-store and online.

“Customers can expect deals and savings bigger and better than last year and across a variety of categories, both in-store and on Pick n Pay’s online store.”

Pick n Pay said that customers should watch their website for more details about their Black Friday deals. It added that it has surprises “planned to maximise Black Friday savings for all our customers”.

Shoprite and Checkers

Shoprite and Checkers will both hold Black Friday sales that will offer customers substantial savings on selected products across a range of categories.

“Extensive planning for Black Friday commences months in advance to ensure that Shoprite and Checkers are able to offer value to all its customers. The deals on offer this year were carefully selected to offer customers real, substantial savings.”

Shoprite and Checkers also said that the range of categories will include groceries, electronics, and small appliances – and that the extent of the Black Friday sale would be up to 50% off on their products.

“Both Shoprite and Checkers will cut prices by up to 50% on selected products across a range on categories including groceries, electronics, small appliances, toys and more.”


Woolworths told MyBroadband that it does not hold a Black Friday sale.

Rather than having Black Friday specials for a single day in the year, Woolworths said it holds 4-day promotions at different times throughout the year – like the promotion that just passed on the weekend of 26 October 2018.


“Clicks will be participating in Black Friday again this year, with lots of exciting deals planned,” Clicks told MyBroadband.

As part of this, Clicks will be holding a Black Friday sale this year for their online store – which is planned to run from 16-25 November.

When shopping Black Friday deals online this year, customers can expect up to 70% off on technology and accessories, up to 50% off on electrical, household, and beauty items, and up to 40% off on health products.

Baby products will also be on sale online, at up to 30% off.




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