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Black Friday Deals South Africa

16/11/2016 10:02:28

It’s that time of year when Black Friday deals start being offered in South Africa regardless of the fact that it is traditionally a US thing on the first Friday after Thanksgiving marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season where retailers open early and offer promotions at considerable discounts. Well South Africans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but more and more retailers are offering Black Friday promotions and everyone loves a good deal so who cares what the reason is. Get your festive season on and stop complaining.

Black Friday is on the 25th November this year and i know it’s a bit early, but these stores have already advertised that they are gonna offer deals with some even offering prizes for those who sign up early to be notified. Have embedded links so if you click on the images they will take you the website offering the Black Friday deals.


bf checkers 2016

BF travelstart 2016

bf game 2016

BF dischem 2016

bf hi corp 2016

bf takealot

BF samsung 2016

Huge Xbox One deals in South Africa this Black Friday

Microsoft has announced it will offer discounted Xbox One bundle deals at the end of November.

Xbox One bundles will be available for R3,999 in South Africa on Black Friday, 25 November.

Black Friday is a US retail tradition, where shops offer big discounts on goods the day after Thanksgiving.

Microsoft and Prima Interactive said the bundles will include the console and a game, such as Fifa 17.

In addition the the Xbox One bundles, Prima and Microsoft will also offer specials on Xbox Live subscriptions during the holiday season.

If you buy a 3-month subscription, you get a R100 voucher to spend on Xbox Live. A 12-month subscription will come with a R200 voucher.







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