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Early Black Friday Specials

20/11/2017 21:18:35

Black Friday falls on 24 November this year, and is day when retailers slash prices to attract consumers.

Many South African companies – including Telkom, Makro, Dion Wired, and OneDayOnly – will offer big specials on 24 November.

Certain retailers are getting started early, however, and have already launched Black Friday deals.

The best early Black Friday deals available in South Africa are below.

Prepaid Gamer (Click here for the deal)


Outdoorphoto (Click here for all deals)

Incredible Connection (Click here for the deal)

Incredible Connection

Esquire (Click here for all deals)



Toy Adventures (Click here for all the deals)

Toy Adventures

Gearbest (Click here for all the deals)


Evo Bikes (Click here for all the deals)


Mr Price (Click here for all the deals)


CyberCellar (Click here for all the deals)


Metro Home City (Click here for all the deals)


Source: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/gadgets/237146-best-early-black-friday-2017-specials.html



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