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K-Way Charmonix 850 - A great Sleeping Bag

16/07/2018 21:30:53

K-Way Chamonix 850 Eco Sleeping Bag Review

If you're looking for the best all round sleeping bag for camping in South Africa, you need to read this K-Way Chamonix 850 Eco Sleeping Bag review.

We all know the type. The person who buys the hard-core 4x4 that hardly ever leaves the garage, let alone the city limits. This tends to be the same person who gets the top of the range camera, yet tends to leave it at home and uses their smart phones instead.

We get it, we’re gear nuts after all. New stuff, especially gear, is seriously tempting. But it’s always worth tempering your brain’s urge to get the best of the best with a little moderation. What you need and what you think you need are not always the same.

How cold is camping in South Africa really?

This is perhaps more relevant with sleeping bags than with other gear. In South Africa, we have a huge variety of geographical terrain, biospheres, microclimates and temperature ranges. And in winter in places like Sutherland and Molteno (with the lowest ever recorded temperature of -20°C) you may encounter seriously cold temperatures.

But if you apply some simple common sense, who the hell would go camping there in the middle of winter? South Africa, despite what we may think, is not a cold country. We get odd spikes in cold weather and certain areas that do get cold at certain times of the year, but on average we have nothing on really cold countries up in the Northern Hemisphere. So, the majority of the time that we use sleeping bags here, we are going to be in the temperate zone.

Specifications for the K-Way Chamonix 850 Eco sleeping bag

Which brings us to the K-WAY Chamonix 850 Eco sleeping bag. Comfortable at 3° to 15° C,  it will be perfect for almost every camping situation in South Africa from summer right through to autumn.

Including the head cowl, it’s long at 220cm with a 72cm shoulder section tapering down to a 48cm foot section to create a snug cocoon for you to snooze away in. Your eco-friendly conscience will allow you to sleep even better because, instead of down (which is better for very cold conditions) it uses environmentally friendly PrimaLoft Eco insulation. Did we mention that at 850g it’s also seriously light?

So, instead of being the person who just can't resist getting a top of the range sleeping bag (and sweats away while overheating in our mild weather conditions), get the bag you actually need. In addition to this, we recommend using the K-WAY Air Lite Mattress.


How to keep warm in a sleeping bag

by Cape Union Mart Team | 13 October 2016

Ever spent a night sleepless and shivering in a tent? It’s not something you’ll ever want to do again. Here’s how to keep warm in a sleeping bag.

The first and most obvious step is to get the correct bag for the conditions that you are going to experience. Another simple way to add warmth is to use a thermal sleeping bag liner. And, if you bear the following factors in mind, you can further enhance the ability of your sleeping bag to keep you warm.

What are you wearing?

Less is more. If it is really cold, thermals will work well, but don‘t wear too many layers. You will still be cold, as there will now be no space to trap air to keep you warm.

How clean is your sleeping bag?

A dirty sleeping bag does not perform as well as a clean one. Accumulated dirt affects moisture-wicking, vapour permeability and heat retention. Using a sleeping bag liner not only adds warmth, but also keeps your bag cleaner.

Have you been active before bed?

You can heat your body up with a little light exercise before getting into the bag. This will increase the body‘s metabolism and help keep you warm.

What did you eat for supper?

Is it food that will give you energy? The colder it is, the higher the energy content of the food needs to be.

Is your bladder full?

It takes a lot of energy to keep that liquid warm, and this could better be used to keep your body warm. Take a trip to the ablution block just before bed.

What are you sleeping on top of?

Even a sleeping bag with a –15 degree celsius rating will be cold if you don’t use a camping mattress. Remember that your body weight will flatten the bag’s filling underneath you, making it unable to trap air, which is required to keep you warm.

Are your head, hands and feet warm?

If your sleeping bag doesn’t have a cowl, wear a beanie. If your extremities (hands and toes) are cold, your body will try to warm them up and this will lower your temperature so, if necessary, wear socks and gloves too. 


Source: Cape Union Mart


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